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Every student deserves to feel safe at school. Teachers also need to be protected. Which is why this app will help your school efficiently and effectively manage and report incidents in real time.


Report an Incident 

On the fly, with an image and comments. This report will be forwarded the front desk in the correct format for the Department for Education

Shared with all staff

Keep everyone in the loop. All Staff will be noticed of the incident and its status

Time Stamped

The record keeping of reports are all time stamped and notes which teacher is on duty

Policies and Procedures

Have access to the all the Departments Policies and Procedures

Our aim is to keep your school safe!

Keep your school yards safe and report incidents with ease.
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Accurate Reporting

A teachers day can be busy. So being able to send an incident report to head office has never been easier

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Keep Up-To-Date

Keep up-to-date with issues and their status at your school. Whether it is a maintenance or student related

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Inform All Staff

Having all staff notified as they are discovered helps with managing the issue and keeping your school safe

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Amazing Features

The number one responsibility for a principal is to provide a safe learning environment for their staff and students!

With recommendations from the Department from Education and thier Principals we’ve been working hard on developing an app to do just that!

We are still prefecting it and would love to hear your suggestions!

Work process in 3 steps

Building the perfect app takes time and testing. Currently in develop as  as we use real schools to prefect this app.

1. Reporting

Send reports on incidents in real time and keep and eye on there status.

2. Rostering

Make your rostering and remind your staff when they are on duty and where.

3. Communicate

Send push notifications to all staff or select staff such as staff on duty, front office, leadership or maintenance.

Stay tuned as we are looking for trial schools in 2022

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